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Kruistementvlei Farm

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An undisclosed gem lies atop the Piketberg mountain where sincere nature lovers can experience the full spectrum of an eco friendly farm. Whichever travelling type you are: the more luxury orientated or the more adventurous, there is a spot for you. Kruistementvlei Farm offers accommodation to the campers or cottage style traveler. Pick your choice and indulge your senses.

Hiking, cycling, dirt jumping, bouldering/rock climbing, swimming and satellite spotting are there for the taking. Medicinal herbs, compost making, earth worm farming and recycling are just some of the nature projects on this farm that can be viewed anytime.

Hooting owls and frog choirs are the only noise you have to endure in the quiet of the evening while waiting for a symphony of stars to appear. Early evening you can pass the time spotting the most abundant display of satellites imaginable.Shimmering rock formations change shape and colour as the sun sheds its light. Well laid out hiking trails lead you through pristine fynbos and the various koppies that abound on the farm. The caves with their San paintings are a reminder of who moved before us!

Farmers Market

A farmers' market held every last Saturday of the month, gives visitors and farmers the opportunity to buy or sell their goods and share in genuine country hospitality.

Camp site

Nestled between sandstone outcrops this site gives a total feeling of solitude. A fully equipped boma style kitchen makes cooking a pleasure for campers. Eco friendly compost toilets are in keeping with the culture on the farm and a hot and cold shower will ensure your comfort.


Geoff's shack


We run a community library, doubling as a house of safety, where we give the children of the area the opportunity to broaden their horizons while getting closer to the joy of reading. Old readers (preferably Afrikaans), magazines, pens, toys and puzzles are always needed. Needs vary all the time and if you are interested in helping or just visiting please speak to us.

Children represent the future of our country. Training tomorrow's adults and teaching them to appreciate reading is to preserve them from a hollow existence by increasing their choices in life, thus securing a solid foundation for our country.


Acquiring old bicycles and fixing them for local use we are trying to create a cycling culture within our community.  We are hoping to broaden the travelling future of every person using a bicycle. We believe that bringing cycling back as a preferred form of transport and not a "poor man's" vehicle, would have a positive influence on the community around us. Along with this we are working hard at creating a maintenance culture to ensure that bicycles stay on the road and not on the roof. Any old bicycle could mean joy to someone. Please contact us if you have any expertise or access to bicycle parts or bicycles. 

A wonderful sponsorship for cycling baggies from Indola for any "bum on a bicycle seat" has meant that various local kids are sporting bicycle pants that they would never have been able to afford. PPA has sponsored a workshop where we now fix the bicycles.  

Dirt jumps

A challenging dirt jumping track is in use and still a work in progress. Any input or physical help is welcome. 

The destination is the ultimate, but the road here is just as impressive! Coming from either Cape Town or Namibia side you venture along the N7 passing through rolling carpets of green wheat fields and yellow canola flowers or golden coloured stubble lands, depending on the time of year you travel. During the summer months splashes of green vineyards amidst the rolling hills of brown catches you unawares and once again you can stand in awe at the splendour of our open country spaces.

Heading up the Versfeld Pass to Piket-Bo-Berg will leave you breathless at the view on the valley below. And once on top the surprise discovery of a community operating on top of a mountain never ceases to surprise even the hard core traveler. Apples, pears, persimmons and peaches form the main agricultural activities  while fresh vegetables are seasonal crops for some. Cooler air and greenery ensures a very different climate to the vallley below and many a traveler gets caught without enough warm clothes to combat the coolness that can ascend after sunset.

Rates:Cottages varies from R250-500 per cottage per night    Geoff's shacks R80 p/p without bedding, R100 p/p with bedding. Camping R50 p/p

Contacts:022-914 5652

         Cell:082 868 0214


E-mail: [email protected]